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Escape Games, Room Escape Games

Play Absence
Play Andy Ancient Temple
Andy Ancient Temple
Play Atelier Escape
Atelier Escape
Play Bermuda Escape
Bermuda Escape
Play Blossom Spring
Blossom Spring
Play Bomb Escape
Bomb Escape
Play Burning Rome
Burning Rome
Play Catacomb
Play Christmas Escape
Christmas Escape
Play Christmas Escape 2
Christmas Escape 2
Play Christmas Escape 3
Christmas Escape 3
Play Coffin Room Escape
Coffin Room Escape
Play Cold Room Escape
Cold Room Escape
Play Computer Room Escape
Computer Room Escape
Play Digital Bathroom Escape
Digital Bathroom Escape
Play Escape Burger Joint
Escape Burger Joint
Play Escape from Catacombs
Escape from Catacombs
Play Escape from Office
Escape from Office
Play Escape Red Planet
Escape Red Planet
Play Escape the 13th Floor
Escape the 13th Floor
Play Escape the Castle
Escape the Castle
Play Escape the Factory
Escape the Factory
Play Escape The Kidnap Room
Escape The Kidnap Room
Play Escape the Library
Escape the Library
Play Escape with Treasure
Escape with Treasure
Play Garden Door
Garden Door
Play Garden Escape
Garden Escape
Play Golem
Play Harry Quantum
Harry Quantum
Play Haunted House Escape
Haunted House Escape
Play Horse Stable Escape
Horse Stable Escape
Play Hunt House Escape
Hunt House Escape
Play Karate Classroom Escape
Karate Classroom Escape
Play Kidnapped by Aliens
Kidnapped by Aliens
Play Kidnapped by Pharaoh
Kidnapped by Pharaoh
Play Lights of New Year
Lights of New Year
Play Locked Cabin
Locked Cabin
Play Magical Room Escape
Magical Room Escape
Play Mediterranean Escape
Mediterranean Escape
Play Orient Express
Orient Express
Play Palace Escape
Palace Escape
Play Paper Industry Escape
Paper Industry Escape
Play Pearl Room
Pearl Room
Play Puzzle Room Escape 36
Puzzle Room Escape 36
Play Puzzle Room Escape 37
Puzzle Room Escape 37
Play Puzzle Room Escape 38
Puzzle Room Escape 38
Play Radio Room Escape
Radio Room Escape
Play Repair Room Escape
Repair Room Escape
Play Shadow
Play Speed Escape
Speed Escape
Play Submachine
Play Submachine 2: The Lighthouse
Submachine 2
Play Submachine 32 Chambers
Submachine 32 Chambers
Play Submachine 3: The Loop
Submachine 3
Play Submachine 4: The Lab
Submachine 4
Play Submachine 5: The Root
Submachine 5
Play Submachine 6: The Edge
Submachine 6
Play Submachine 7: The Core
Submachine 7
Play Subway Escape
Subway Escape
Play Swimming Pool Escape
Swimming Pool Escape
Play The Great Bathroom Escape
The Great Bathroom
Play The Great Living Room Escape
The Great Living Room
Play Theft At The Museum
Theft At The Museum
Play Timescape
Play Training Camp Escape
Training Camp Escape
Play Trap House Escape
Trap House Escape
Play Twin Escape
Twin Escape
Play Urban School Legend
Urban School Legend
Play Wild West House Escape
Wild West House Escape
Play Wood House Diamond Escape
Wood House Diamond

This category is our escape games section. Escape the room games is a subgenre of point-and-click adventure game which requires a player to escape from imprisonment by exploiting their surroundings. They are usually created as a browser game for the Adobe Flash platform. Most escape-the-room games play from a first-person perspective, where the player must click on objects to interact with them. Many games of the genre start with a small cut scene to establish how the player got there. The usual story is the player waking up and finding themselves in a mysterious room from which they must escape using the household itself, but sometimes also unusual items left in the room.

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